About Us

What is “What Can I Sing”?

What can I sing gives Karaoke Hosts the easiest and most efficient way to host Karaoke – Electronically. When was the last time you asked one of your work colleagues to take out a piece of paper, find a pencil, then find another pencil because the first one was blunt, write out a letter, then get up from their desk and walk over to your side of the office and hand it to you? Did you say 1987? Then why do Karaoke Hosts make their singers do this today!

What Can I Sing solves this problem and more.

With our product, singers can view your songbook via an App on their phone or tablet, iOS or Android. They can search by Title, Artist or even via an auto-populating search function. Once they find the song they want, they simply tap on it, add a key change request and submit. This request is then sent to the Host. Why would you want your singers to spend an hour reading through a book when they can do it in minutes on their phone?