What is “What Can I Sing”?

What can I sing gives Karaoke Hosts the easiest and most efficient way to host Karaoke – Electronically. When was the last time you asked one of your work colleagues to take out a piece of paper, find a pencil, then find another pencil because the first one was blunt, write out a letter, then get up from their desk and walk over to your side of the office and hand it to you? Did you say 1987? Then why do Karaoke Hosts make their singers do this today!

What Can I Sing solves this problem and more.

With our product, singers can view your songbook via an App on their phone or tablet, iOS or Android. They can search by Title, Artist, save a favourites list, or even via a “fuzzy search” function. Once they find the song they want, they simply tap on it, add a key change request (if desited) and submit. This request is then sent to the Host. Why would you want your singers to spend an hour reading through a book when they can do it in minutes on their phone?

Let’s go back to 1987 for a moment. Once you got that letter from your colleague, you had trouble reading it because their writing was so messy, plus they spilled coffee on it. But when you did figure out what was written there, you have to put it in your “in-tray”, in order of when you need it, then you’d have to change that order when another note came in. Luckily we aren’t in 1987 anymore, and we have emails and inboxes. What Can I Sing allows you to manage your requests virtually the same way.

Requests come into the Host’s App where they can accept or reject them (and send a note to the singer as to why it was declined). From there, the host can change the order of the requests and even send a note to the singer to let them know they are up next – how many times does someone have their name called out when they are standing at the bar and everyone has to wait for them. The singer might just want a quick bathroom break before they go up on stage.

Hosts can manage their requests and full rotation from within the App, very easily and quickly!

Once the request has been completed, the host can simply delete the song from the list and move on to the next one.

Manage your songbooks easier and better

What happens when one of the following occurs –

a) You get a new song

b) Someone spills beer on your book

c) A page goes missing

d) A page gets torn

e) Someone decides to draw on your book

(Let’s not even mention someone steals one of your books)

Well it’s quite simple. You need to get your books out at the end of each event and go through them. You need to check to see if any pages are missing or damaged and then reprint those. Then take the old ones out so you can put the new ones in. If there is beer on them, then it’s cleaning each page and checking to see if they are still usable. You could print your books on waterproof paper that is hard to tear, but that is way more expensive. Then when you get a new song, you need to add the song to your list and then reprint the page that it goes on – otherwise your book will be way out of order. If a book goes missing, that is simple too – just reprint the entire book, go and buy a new folder to put it in, and then sit there for however long it takes to insert each page in. Or you could just go “electronic”. With What Can I Sing you’ll never have to worry about songbooks ever again. Having them on the App means you NEVER have to reprint anything. And when you get a new song, just add it in your admin panel and you are done!

What Can I Sing will even allow you to have different songbooks for different events. You can also make specific songs unavailable. Have you ever heard of a Bar Manager saying “Don’t let anyone sing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey” (or any other specific song)? In this case, all you need to do is to click on a button in your admin panel, and that song will not be seen in your songbook. Just click on the button again and it will become available again.

Want a great way to promote your Karaoke night?

Our App uses a geo-location map to pinpoint every Karaoke venue that has subscribed. Singers can just open the App and they can instantly find exactly where the nearest venue is.

The map will show a pin for each Karaoke location. When they tap on the pin, it will give Singers some options in relation to that venue. It can show thime information about the show inclusing the days and times Karaoke is available. It can tell them who the Host is, some images in relation to the venue and it can even give them directions on how to get there.

Tap on a button and Singers can then see the songbook. From there, the features availalable are huge. Check out our list of features to find out more.

If you don’t want to use the map/location, you can always use the search function at the bottom to find your favourite venue.

How much does it cost?

What Can I Sing is a subscription service. Each subscription is based on a venue or location and can be used as many nights in the same venue as you want.

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