Acknowledgement Screen Timeout

We have just added a 15 second timeout to the acknowledgement screen.

This screen is displayed when a singer makes a request.

The timer will be reset if they tap on the screen and it is paused if they view the advertisement or hit the “share” buttons.

Once the timere runs out, they will be taken back to the search screen.

This feature is more important for Kiosks. On a kiosk, often singers will submit their request and simply walk away. This would just leave the acknowledgement screen on display for the next singer.

With this new feature, the screen will automatically close.

More Kiosk Customisation

In our Kisok accounts, Singers are presented with 2 fields for their name. First Name and Last Name. Pretty straight forward so far.

We asked for both names becase there are just way too many Harry’s out there. The last name is purely to make it easier to identify people.

To make it more flexible, we have given the Hosts the choice to make the “Last Name” compulsory or optional. Just choose this in the settings when you add the venue.

Custom Message to Singers

In our latest update, we added a feature where the Host can add a “custom message” that is displayed to the Singers every time they submit a request. It’s in the middle of the screen –

Custom message

We added the default message – Please come and say “Hello” to the Host. We like to interact.
However, this message is customisable. The Host can change this or even remove it completely.

Changed Your Mind?

In a recent update, We added a new button for Hosts.

The “Move to New” button. Let’s say you approve a request and then decide later that you made a mistake and want to “Un-approve it”.

Hitting the Move to New button will move the request back into the unapproved list. From there you can decline it or approve it again.

What’s an Apostrophe?

Did you know that there are a bunch of different characters that can be construed as an apostrophe? Most of the time, it just depends on what keyboard you are using. Here is a range of characters you could encounter –

With this in mind, recently we made some modifications to how an apostrophe was handled. If the Host used one type of apostrophe, and a Singer conducted a search using a different type, we wanted to make sure they got the results they were looking for.

So here is what we did. We have unified the apostrophe across the entire App. From now, it doesn’t matter what character a Host uses, our system will recognise it and covert it to a standardised apostrophe. When a new song is added, our system will convert them all to the same character.

We scanned all of the previously entered characters and converted them too.

Then, in the Singer’s App, we recognise any apostrophe characters and modify any incorrect searches to the standardised apostrophe. Now all of your search results will be what you intended.