What’s an Apostrophe?

Did you know that there are a bunch of different characters that can be construed as an apostrophe? Most of the time, it just depends on what keyboard you are using. Here is a range of characters you could encounter –

With this in mind, recently we made some modifications to how an apostrophe was handled. If the Host used one type of apostrophe, and a Singer conducted a search using a different type, we wanted to make sure they got the results they were looking for.

So here is what we did. We have unified the apostrophe across the entire App. From now, it doesn’t matter what character a Host uses, our system will recognise it and covert it to a standardised apostrophe. When a new song is added, our system will convert them all to the same character.

We scanned all of the previously entered characters and converted them too.

Then, in the Singer’s App, we recognise any apostrophe characters and modify any incorrect searches to the standardised apostrophe. Now all of your search results will be what you intended.

Announcing, KaraTrack!

American friends and users,

We are very proud to announce KaraTrack as a new sponsor of WhatCanISing for the missing song requests in your region.  

KaraTrack is a search engine for finding licensed Karaoke songs to purchase in your region.  Unlike other options, it is dedicated to those in the USA and will show you what you can legally obtain without showing you thousands of tracks you can’t.  

No more sifting through tens of thousands of songs available in regions outside of your licensed country of residence.  

Just find what you CAN access.

For our Australian and Kiwi friends, Pick’n’mix is still our “go-to” for Australia and New Zealand.