Enhance Your Interaction

We are commonly told by Hosts that they think a digital platform will reduce their interaction. It is normal to think this way. The reality is very different though. There are 3 things that come into play in relation to this.

  1. Their perception has not been tested. When I was a kid, I used to think that if I jumped high enough, I could touch the moon. Well I tested that theory and proved it wrong.
  2. They haven’t obtained all of the information available to make a great conclusion/decision. Would you plan a ski holiday without first checking to see when the snow season was?
  3. They are basing their decision on a bad product. Would you never buy another car again just because you previously owned a Pinto or an Edsel?

We have added functionality that has seen our customers able to increase the interaction with their singers. So if that is of interest to you, we have the benefits. Here are just a couple of examples. When the singer submits a request, they get an acknowledgement screen. On that screen is a customisable message that you have control over. The default is set to “Please come and say “Hello” to the Host. We like to interact.”

They are encouraged to come and talk to you. When they do, the best part is you can talk to them about THEM. Not YOU and what files you have. If you want a better interaction, the best thing is to talk about issues important to them. What do you think would be more personal “Did you get that job you applied for” or “How is Aunty Mavis after the operation” or totally impersonal like “What Elvis songs do you have” or “Am I up next”.

The next advantage is that the requests can be completed quicker. requests can be completed quicker. I know, I said that twice. I did it because it is a critical issue! In order to provide great interaction, you are going to need one CRITICAL element – TIME! If you can cut down how long it takes to accept, maintain and control your requests, you can give MORE time to your singers. WCIS is more efficient than old school methods giving you that extra time.

The next advantage is that you do not need to be behind your console to accept requests. You can be out in the crowd talking to your customers (interaction on an elevated level) and still take requests. Several of our customers have been able to take their interaction to a whole new level by approaching people rather than waiting for them. When Singers do approach the host, this is a very common interaction, and our goal is to elevate this –

In your audience, you currently have a shy singer. They are super nervous. In fact they are that shy and scared, they don’t want anyone to see them get up and walk across the room to hand you a slip. Imagine if there was a way for that customer to reach out to you via stealth? Everyone has to start somewhere, and some people are just that “one notch too nervous”. Just imagine how many customers you have missed over the years because of this!

Want to add a whole other level to your interaction? What if you could easily send a message to every singer to say “you are up next”. In WCIS it takes 2 simple taps and you’re done. You have provided a level of interaction above and beyond anyone else.

During an event, you might go through 60 requests. While someone is singing, you’ll be collecting requests, organising the slips or figuring out what they want. Then you’ll need to add them to your rotation and manage that. Then when each singer is called, you need to wait for them to come up. That whole process takes a couple of minutes. Imagine if you could shave just 30 seconds off each request. That would give you an extra half an hour to interact with your audience. You could only do this by being more efficient. If your requests and rotation could be streamlined or even automated that will save you time. If the singers know they are next, they can be on their way to the stage before the other singer is finished.

In summary, we agree that interaction is a vital tool. That’s why we built in functions to elevate it to a level higher than your current ability.