Missing Song Sponsors

Missing Song Request

One of our features is what we call a “Missing Song Request”. If a Host does not have a song that somebody wants to sing, the Singer has the abiility to send a message to the Host asking “can you please get this song”.

When this is submitted, a message is sent to the Host along with the details of the song. The Host can respond to the Singer with what their intentions are. Example – I’ll get it next week for you.

Once this happens, they will be sent an email confirmation and depending on your location, a hyperlink to where the song can be purchased.

We have sponsors for this feature

There are 2 regions that currently have sponsors. Australia/New Zealand and North Americas


Australia and New Zealand

PicknMix are our sponsors for this region. They are a search engine for finding Karaoke tracks available for purchase. PicknMix were our very first sponsors and we are so delighted to have them onboard. Anyone looking to buy a Karaoke song in Aus or NZ, we totally recommend looking through PicknMix (It’s what our parent company uses!).


North Americas

We are delighted to have Karatrack sponsor the North Americas region. This encompasses the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico down to Panama. Karatrack has specifically created a search engine that will show what you can legally download in the USA. Several manufacturers are not licensed for the USA so this will help you sift through everything you can’t buy and just show what you can.